Interim management and contract regulatory affairs staff

Interim management and contract staffing

Anyone who has worked in regulatory affairs management will know that unexpected demands on your resources can and do occur:

The authorities introduce a new safety requirement for a particular class of product requiring you to immediately update the product information across a whole range of products in your portfolio

Your company acquires a range of new products from another company (and you are one of the last to be told!) requiring a long list of variations and changes of ownership to be compiled and submitted.

A key member of the team needs to take maternity leave

No doubt you can think of many more examples.

vector pharma can fill the resources gap for you by providing experienced temporary regulatory affairs staff on a contractual basis who are able to operate at management level if necessary. We can work in your offices if required or remotely or a combination of the two at reasonable rates.

Contracts can be at a fixed price or simply on a pro rata arrangement.  Work will be carried out paying attention to strict confidentiality and under appropriate professional indemnity cover.