Advertising materials compliance; review and certification

Advertising materials compliance review and certification

The advertising of medicines in the UK is controlled by a combination of statutory measures (with both criminal and civil sanctions), enforced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and industry self-regulation through Codes of Practice for the pharmaceutical industry, administered by trade associations.

In certain cases, such as newly licensed medicines, advertising materials may require pre-vetting by the MHRA.

In other cases self-regulation involving certification by suitably qualified individuals is permitted.

Different requirements apply to advertising materials determined by the media through which they are distributed such as Journals, the internet, broadcast media, and the lay press.

The legal status of the medicine; prescription or over-the-counter for example also determines the requirements which must be adhered to and the media through which the advertising is distributed.

Although the requirements across the EU member states are in general alignment local differences persist.

Failure to comply with this complex system of control can be very costly financially and in terms of damage to corporate reputation and brand perception.

vector pharma provides valuable assistance by bringing many years of regulatory affairs services experience to bear and ensuring that advertising materials comply with all of the relevant requirements.

Your advertising materials can be reviewed and appropriately certified.