Agency Liaison

Agency Liaison – an essential regulatory affairs service

One of the most important regulatory affairs services vector pharma provides; especially for companies based outside of the European Union (EU), is to communicate quickly and easily with regulatory authorities and agencies in the EU and other Northern European states on their behalf.

It is likely that for any particular issue we already know exactly who to approach and the protocols expected of us when speaking those in positions of authority.  There are ‘ground rules’ which the staff need to observe and these need to be respected.

From a purely practical point of view where a company supported by vector pharma is based in a time zone significantly different from those in the EU it is much more convenient for us to contact the agencies on the company’s behalf.

Any agency contact is of course always agreed with our clients in advance in the form of a suitable brief.

We  report back promptly the outcome of any agency interactions along with the available options for taking matters further.